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Storm Target Overiew

Latest Release Information

Resolves issue opening previously found warnings

Added ability to automatically delete expired text and audio output files
Resolves issues with GPS accuracy
Minor UI changes

Fixed issue with some alerts being missed
Fixed issue with forecast discussions and hazardous weather outlooks being found repeatedly
Fixed issue with expired warnings causing gps based warnings to not be found
Fixed issue opening some warnings from the warnings page
Fixed issue with data usage meter going negative after switching networks
Fixed issue with public weather outlooks causing mesoscale discussions and convective outlooks to not be found
Minor UI changes

Added option to overwrite text and audio output files

Added ability to output alerts as .wav file
Added ability to output alerts as .txt file
Resolves error reported when no warnings found for a selected state
Resolves issue finding warnings for certain report formats
Resolves issue with storm reports being missed or reported as incorrect type
Changed Email Options menu to Output Options

Improves performance and reduces data usage for GPS based warnings
Resolves issue with public weather outlooks being repeated
Resolves issue with storm reports not filtered when checking manually
Minor UI changes

Added additional filter options for warning types to check
Resolved issue with GPS based watch pictures not displaying
Increased timeout for verifying an active internet connection
Resolved various product registration issues
Minor UI changes

Resolves issues with data meter finding primary interface
Data meter reset now finds primary interface if interface changes after starting the program
Resolves issue with GPS location page reporting a connection open when no data is being recieved
Resolves issue with warning cancellations causing no subject emails
Minor bugfixes

Added Email Alert functionality
Added 4-8 day convective outlooks to outlook tab
Added ability to check warnings issued for non county zones
Added ability to read alert titles aloud
Added visual notifications for voice commands
Resolved several issues with voice commands
Resolved issue with error being reported when a weather station had a missing weather condition
Resolved issue with convective outlook not displaying on Chase Target page on last day of the month
Minor UI changes

Added ability to install on different partitions
Improves error logging
Resolves issues with forecast discussions being truncated
Resolves issues with non WAV files being accepted for alert tone
Added additional support for DPI settings over 100%
Added settings reset option in general settings
Minor UI changes

Resolves some issues with inital database creation
Added database reset option in general settings
Improves layout issues when using DPI settings over 100%
Minor UI changes

Added Day 1 SPC Outlook overlay to Chase Target page
Added more support for maximizing windows
Resolves issues with scrolling and zooming in maps
Resolves issues with mesoanalysis graphics on Windows 7 machines
Minor UI changes

Resolves issue reporting other warnings
Resolves issue with selecting other COM ports in location options
Resolves issue with new hazardous weather outlooks being found repeatedly
Resolves HRRR not getting latest model data
Resolves ability to play HRRR model after zooming in
Resolves issue with RAP model not appearing upon selection during HRRR play or load
Added support option under help menu

Resolves issue with public weather outlooks 
Resolves issue with gps based watches 
Minor UI changes 

GPS based radius alerts 
New weather reports section 
New weather condtions section 
New weather model section 
Minor UI changes 

Windows 10 officially supported 
Minor UI changes 
Application upgrade process improvements

Resolved issue opening storm reports 
Resolved issue installing on 32 bit devices


Known Issues


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