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Chase Features

Storm Target is designed to save you both time and money. Storm Target accomplishes this by bundling many unique features all into one amazing product.

Target Validation

Storm Target helps you decide on a target location for your next chase by allowing you to view where your fellow chasers will be setting up that day. This unique feature can help you avoid costly trips to no mans land by helping you validate your target. By sharing your target location you are then allowed to see all other user's target locations for that day.

Custom Weather Conditon Rules

Need to know when the front has passed? Would you like to be alerted when a location reaches a specified temperature? Storm Target is your solution. You can create custom rules based on weather conditions from over 2,000 stations across the US. No more guessing where the front is or continual checks to various weather sites. An intuitive interface guides you in creating simple but effective logic rules that scan for changes and alert you when they occur.

Weather Data

Storm Target features all the most important weather data in one spot. Convective outlooks, weather models, satellite and radar images just one click away.

Save Cell Data

Storm chasing can be a data intensive activity. Unless your cell plan features unlimited data, you're going to want to keep a careful eye on your usage. Storm Target helps you stay under your limit by tracking and displaying the data used by your computer after you open the program. Storm Target tracks the total data usage of your machine, so if you're streaming video, you can use it to track that as well.

Save Valuable Time

Storm Target's App Start feature allows you to start all of your chasing apps from one centralized location. Instead of hopping in the car and opening each app one by one, simply click one button and all of your applications start up. App Start takes the pain out of the beginning of a chase or a laptop reboot.

Track Your Results

Most chasers take pictures during their adventures. They can be a great way to document your travels but if you're just taking pictures, you're missing out on valuable information. Storm Target includes a chase log designed specifically for storm chasers. You now have a place to document all the important information from your chases. The chase log includes basic information such as date, time, and location but also has more specific sections like distance from original target, miles driven, travel expenses, and if your forecast verified.