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Weather Alerts

Storm Target alerts you of all new watches, warnings, convective outlooks, mesoscale discussions, etc. as they are issued.

Automatic Retrieval

You define the products you're interested in and how often you want the program to check. Storm Target does the rest by polling the National Weather Server for all updates matching your criteria. 

Proximity Alerts

While you can select states, counties, and weather offices you'd like alerts for, you can also tap into your existing GPS connections to deliver proximity alerts. Simply set the radius in miles you're interested in and Storm Target will deliver alerts only within that zone. This allows chasers to stay mobile without worrying about adjusting alert settings.

E-mail Alerts

Alerts that you specify can be emailed to you automatically. This feature adds flexibility to the product allowing you to get alerts away from your machine, set up an alert server, log alerts, or aid in posting alerts to social media. 

Exportable Alerts

Alerts can be exported to text or wave audio format allowing you to use them in any way you see fit. Listen to them in our program or use them in a different application. It's all the same to us.